The power of blogging

Website content and blog posts | Clarendon Spark | 2014 - 2020

This uber-local community blog became a legend on its own doorstep. Proof that great copy can build a profile and influence behaviour.

A community blog

I wrote and managed the Clarendon Spark website for six years. This uber-local monthly blog began as a way of getting to know my local area and supporting small independent businesses. It quickly grew into a valuable marketing and networking tool.

A barista doing something exciting with an infusion machine.
A blog can be a valuable marketing tool for any business, particularly when it comes to building awareness and engagement.

Profile-boosting copy

In the early days of my freelance copywriting business, Clarendon Spark was a useful tool. I helped me raise my profile locally, prove credibility and network with potential clients. It went on to be instrumental in helping me secure some of my first freelance clients in the city.

Writing blog posts and advising on blog strategy is often part of the freelance copywriting projects I work on for clients. When its well-written and strategically deployed, a blog can be a valuable inbound marketing tool. It can bring in new customers and strengthen existing relationships. It cal also establish an organisation as a thought-leader in its field.


Last year, my partner and I were looking for somewhere to live in Leicester. Your blog was one of the reasons we chose Clarendon Park. You uncover so much that’s unique and vibrant about the area, as well as telling us something about its secret history – I look forward to every new post.

Rav Kaur, Clarendon Spark reader

Who says blogging is dead?

Clarendon Spark’s most popular blog posts were visited over 7,000 times. My posts focusing on new food and retail businesses regularly attracted over 200 views per day in the week after publishing. Meanwhile, evergreen history articles continued to rack up page views, without any active promotion, until I unpublished the website in 2024. Most satisfying of all, I continue to get positive feedback from people who remember individual blog posts, over a decade later.

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