Crime, Comedy and Me

Sabrina George, if that is her real name, is looking back on her career as a pick-pocket, credit fraudster and con-artist. The event she appears most proud of in her professional life is the time she posed as a vicar in order to rip off a charity. Her latest ruse is to extort £7 off innocent members of the public in return for an hour of stand-up comedy. It’s all a scam though – there are precious few laughs in this depressing fifty minute show, which I left feeling wholly dispirited and considerably more cynical than when I went in.

If George had some funny material it would perhaps be easier to overlook her apparent complete lack of remorse at causing her innumerable victims so much inconvenience/embarrassment/misery. Unfortunately, the show’s only redeeming feature is that it acts as a warning by demonstrating just how easy it is to get ripped off. I certainly left the venue with a tight hold on my bag and a mental note to change my online banking password. On the other hand, I could have stayed at home and popped Watchdog on, enjoying a comfier seat and considerably more pleasant company.

The show ends with George promising to buy the two chain-smoking adolescents on the front row a pint and give them a crash course in how they can supplement their student loans with a bit of drug smuggling. Unless you’re similarly disposed to a life of crime, you’d be well advised to give this one a miss and put the money you save towards a paper shredder. It will be a whole lot more useful and significantly more entertaining than this dismal show.

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