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Award-nominated theatre reviews | Edinburgh Guide | 2005

Award-nominated Edinburgh Festival Fringe reviews. Nominated for the 1995 Allen Wright Award for Outstanding Arts Journalism.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

For three weeks in August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe opens the doors, streets and alleyways of an entire city to an explosion of creative energy from around the globe. This is the world’s biggest arts festival and, since the early 2000s, it’s been a regular fixture on my calendar.

As the city’s leading online news and entertainment guide, Edinburgh Guide is a go-to destination for festival reviews.

A group of people enjoying a street performance in Edinburgh.
The second time I visited Edinburgh to report on the Festival Fringe, I loved the city so much I stayed for a whole year.

Theatre and comedy reviews

I wrote over 50 reviews during the 2005 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. My reviews covered comedy shows, theatre productions, children’s theatre, dance and music.

My reviews led to me being nominated for the Allen Wright Award for Outstanding Arts Journalism. This award is one of only two official prizes handed out by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. The Society created it in 1998 as a tribute to Allen Wright, the Arts Editor of The Scotsman for 30 years. A nomination for the award is recognised as a mark of quality arts writing at a national level.


Being nominated for the Allen Wright Award is a truly impressive achievement. Ruth is an extremely gifted young writer and I’m thrilled that her talent and hard work have been recognised in this way.

Thelma Good, Theatre Editor, Edinburgh Guide

A little selection

Award-nominated reviews

Squeeze Box

“The story that unfolds is not one of epic tragedy or grand heroics but of everyday struggles and small achievements.”

Crime, Comedy and Me

“Unfortunately, the show’s only redeeming feature is that it acts as a warning by demonstrating just how easy it is to get ripped off.”

Some Explicit Polaroids

“Performances are generally very good with the cast eschewing stereotypes to bring out the depth and complexity of these confused and often contradictory characters.”

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