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My training helps individuals and businesses communicate more clearly, dynamically and persuasively. The focus is on straightforward, practical techniques that get great results – fast. Each session is full of real-life examples and hands-on exercises that keep things relevant and engaging.


This was great! I class myself as an advanced writer, but found this course really useful as a refresher and it taught me some new things too. I can’t wait to use some of these tips in my own marketing.

Kate Nilski

Ruth presenting a training session in a boardroom. There's a presentation on the screen behind her called "Telling Stories".

Copywriting training for…


You’re in charge of a marketing team that needs to be brought up to a consistent level of copywriting skill.


You’re a professional looking for a run-down of key techniques to improve your written communication.


You’re a beginner copywriter who needs an introductory course or an experienced writer looking for a refresher.


Perfectly aimed at the target audience. Ruth ordered a wealth of editing strategies into an easy-to-follow process. She also introduced potentially unfamiliar concepts without being condescending. These are simple principles that I can keep in mind whenever I have to edit my more functional writing.

Maya A

4-part foundation course

Copywriting essentials

1. Crystal clear copy

Get your message across clearly and concisely by following simple ‘Plain English’ copywriting principles. Learn about key concepts, such as the active voice and first person perspective.

2. Persuasive writing

Use words to inspire engagement and sales. Focusing on benefits and crafting the perfect call to action are just two copywriting skills you’ll practice on your way to writing copy that gets results.

3. Tone of voice

Learn the importance of tone of voice and how to reflect your brand identity in your writing. Write with dynamism and personality with tried and tested copywriting techniques.

4. Storytelling

Tap into the power of stories to communicate your message in an emotive, memorable way. Learn how to use story arcs and narrative frameworks to bring your copywriting to life.

Team training

Interactive workshop

Practical full-day or half-day workshop tailored to your organisation’s goals. Delivered in person or virtually, this course takes you through the fundamentals of great copywriting with real-life examples, best practice tips and hands-on exercises.

Book training

Individual training

Online course

Modular, digital course – learn at your own pace, where and when you want with lifetime access. Hosted on Skillshare, this course breaks down the fundamentals of great copywriting into bite-sized classes. Individual support is just a click away.

Learn online


Great course! Broken down really well with excellent examples and instructions that I could immediately implement in my writing. I struggle to break rules and be informal when I write. But I now have the confidence to write with more personality!


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